Since 1985, Carlo Cecchini and his creativity and experience in the craftsmanship of precious leather are at disposal of his customers, that every day inspire him to create unique and customized designs. Both handbags and accessories are crafted pieces finely refinished up to the smallest detail. The products are an excellence of Made in Italy and are created using only the finest Italian leather.

In the laboratory of Carlo Cecchini the leather is still cut by hand, the only machine is the one for sewing. Trendy and unique creations take on every day thanks to the hands and the strong creativity of Italian professionals. The ability to play with colors and contrasts, the accurate search of details combined with maniacal attention in choosing materials, makes the products lasting and unique.

All the articles on are ready and available for purchase. You will be able to receive them comfortably at home after a few days from the payment or, if you prefer, to pick them up directly to the Carlo Cecchini Boutique in Rome, Via della Lungaretta, Trastevere.