Info about delivery offers shipping to:

Italy Standard: Always free. Delivery in 5/6 business days.


EU Countries: €35. Standard Shipping in 3 business days.

Rest of the world: €35. Standard Shipping in 3 business days.

In any case, any additional costs related to customs practices are borne by the Customer.
Orders are processed from 9am to 6pm GMT from Monday to Friday.
Orders made after 6pm GMT on Friday will be processed the following Monday.

To keep your order under control, you can access your account from the My Order section: from here you will be able to view the status of the order and, upon shipment, you will be able to track the shipping status.

Delivery times may be delayed for holidays; carriers do not deliver on the 25/12, 26/12, 01/01 and on weekends.

For orders made by credit card, at normal shipping times, you must add one business day for normal administrative checks. For orders made by bank transfer, shipping times will be calculated from the confirmation of payment.